IMG_9495 - Version 2“HAWT makes a difference as it addresses intolerance through art. It’s a mind-expanding experience that takes on bullying and bigotry.”

–Loreen Arbus

Stein’s body-swapping armor sculptures and Bullyproof Vests appeal to students and actively engage their attention. Able to be taken off the wall and worn like costumes, the sculptures allow students to step outside of themselves, see themselves in a new light, and feel protected and safe.

In preparation for HAWT, students will be asked by their art teachers to create masks related to bullying and bigotry. Students come to the studio with their masks, where they will then photograph each other wearing the sculptures and masks. As they view themselves in the mirror and photograph one another in their new avatars, they will discuss the artist’s work. As the students engage with the armor, vests and art, each individual has a unique reaction to the work, prompting a discussion about diversity issues surrounding bullying.