Joel Chapin, Curator, Perella Gallery, Fulton-Montgomery Community College:

“Your exhibition had a wide and diverse viewership and it could have found no greater opportunity to make an impact as it did here….Your work and presentation enabled our faculty an opportunity to use The Fluidity Of Gender as a valuable learning resource for courses as diverse as sociology, psychology, criminal justice, art appreciation as well as providing challenging writing topics for English and creative writing classes. The Fluidity of Gender allowed viewers here a way to re-visit their ideas about the meaning of femininity and masculinity in our society. Your work challenged students and members of our community to see the pitfalls of viewing gender roles as a black and white choice with no variations on how we must conform to be accepted by society.” Read more.

Jim Arendt, Gallery Director, Rebecca Randall Bryan Art Gallery, Coastal Carolina University:

“The public lecture was informative, humorous, and thoughtful and I was approached by many faculty and students in the days following that expressed their appreciation for your work and ideas.” Read more. 

Dr. Juilee Decker, Art Department Chair, Georgetown College:

“They [Linda Stein’s sculptures] were ponderable, interesting, stunning, overwhelming, and fantastic all at once….We had nothing but positive comments come from your visit….They [students] were actively thinking about your work and some, even, were spurred to action.” Read more.

Karlota Contreras-Koterbay, Director, Slocum Galleries and Tipton Gallery, East Tennessee State University:

“The lecture presented covered not only the technical and conceptual development of your work but also discussed how art can be an agent for positive change and how the visual power of art can be a strong voice to combat social dysfunctions. Your work is truly inspirational in this aspect, a perspective that I as a curator/gallery director and purveyor of taste is proud to be a conduit of this voice.” Read more.

Shannon Morris, Curator, Georgia College Museum, Georgia University:

“The students fully embraced not only the interactive nature of the exhibition…additionally, they really connected to the works’ content as well.” Read more. 

Katryn Burke, Directions and Exhibitions Manager, Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College:

“From the moment the show opened, your sculptures and video were a powerful draw for our students, faculty and staff, as well as general public.” Read more.