Q: What is going on in these pictures?

A: Its gender scrambling! Its gender fluidity! I am putting women in traditionally male roles, clothes and postures, and vice versa. I’m bulking up women and making men more curvy. You can see that Fred Astaire is wearing the dress and high heels and Ginger Rogers has the tux, loafers, and carnation. 

Q: In all of these gender scrambling works, you seem to repeat certain forms or symbols. What do they represent?

A: Yes, in the background you almost always see a symbolic representation of the Twin Towers (because I spent the day running during 9/11). You also see symbols from my previous series, including Knights, Blades, Profiles, and Profile Writing.

Q: Why?

A: To feel “whole” I include my history. I like bringing the different parts of me together.

Q: What do the smaller figures represent in these pictures?

A: Activity: using and moving one’s body; how do we exist within our bodies?

Q: There are times when you don’t use faces, and use an abstract shape. Why is that?

A: This answer may be a bit more psychological and I’m not totally sure myself. I’ll start by saying I’m a very loyal person (some say Virgos always are) and I feel loyal to the themes of my past series. In a way I feel disloyal if I leave a series and go in to another without leaving a trace. When I was moving out of the Blades series into Knights of Protection, I didn’t want to forget (or be disloyal to) the shape at the tip of the machete blade. So, this became the shape you may see above the shoulders.