Sexism: Exploring, Exploding, Expanding Expressions of Masculinities and Femininities

Are we conscious/self-conscious of the gender presentation we display to our colleagues and community? Are we compelled to take on certain mannerisms, traits and behavior in order to comply with societal demands? Who benefits by this? Who is victimized? 

With these works of art, Linda Stein has gone beyond her series called Gender Scrambling to examine some of the myriad ways one accepts and expresses, or denies and disguises, one’s authentic self. She explores the expanding definitions of what our culture sees as masculine and feminine. She explodes and excoriates the toll that gender constrictions take on many.

With her combination of fantasy and real-life figures, the artist poses questions that viewers can answer for themselves.

Prints from this series are now in the permanent collections of international museums including: 

Durham University, United Kingdom
Konstmuseet i Skövde, Sweden
Museu Universitário de Arte, Brazil
University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, AR, USA