Gender Scrambling Prints

In her art, Linda Stein wants to broaden awareness and inspire empathy by presenting gender multiplicities and diversities. By addressing body-image, Stein wants the viewer to become more familiar with, and even self-conscious about, society’s destructive focus on oversimplified gender boxes for human expression and identity.

For the viewer who might not have thought much about gender bullying and bigotry–and who might even find gender fluidity a scary subject to ponder–she melds and scrambles the continuum between “masculinity” and “femininity” to help collapse these gender binaries.

Linda Stein is primarily a sculptor. Her Gender Scrambling series results from her need to “take a break” from sculpture. Gender Scrambling combines acrylic and gouache paints, newspaper and magazine collage and printed fragments from previously completed art, blended to become archival fine-art prints. In some works, her gender-fluid figures go beyond icons from pop-culture, history and current events to include her personal community of colleagues, role models, friends and family. Note that this series may include references to the Trade Towers pre-9/11 plus four of her previous art series, ProfilesProfile-Writing, Blades and Knights of Protection.

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